Tell you a secret about the marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/03/31

Tell you a secret about the marking machine
Analysis of the surface conductivity of pneumatic marking machine
The conductive surface finish is always an indicator of pneumatic marking machine manufacturer of pneumatic marking machine strict examination, but the layman few people know, here to explain why high finish marking effect will be good, there are five main reasons:
1, high finish, strength on the big. The depth of the cut is also deeper the size of the beam spot size can be adjusted by the lens with different focal length. Small spot lens for high resolution carving. A large aperture lens is used for low resolution carving, but for vector cutting, it is the best choice. The standard configuration of the new device is a 2 inch lens. The spot size is in the middle, and is suitable for various occasions.
2, high finish, the general marking speed, can be completed within 2 seconds, you can print a variety of trademark graphics, product name, technical indicators.
3, high finish, patterns, words, symbols beautiful, clear.
4, high finish, strong security, not easy to counterfeit.
5, high degree of finish, electronic module production, the function is strong, with timing marking, automatic, semi-automatic marking function, can be used to connect the production line.
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