Technical features of laser welding machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/18

The advantages of laser welding machine and its industrial application can be seen from its surface meaning. Its transmission is flexible. In the process of welding, ordinary equipment may encounter various problems, which are very difficult. However, it can be easily dealt with. In other words, it is upgraded again before the foundation of common equipment. It uses high-energy laser beam coupling to enter, with long transmission interval, and then uses collimator to collimate the laser beam on the workpiece for parallel light. Operability is naturally more powerful.
laser welding machine
1. The German high-speed scanning galvanometer is selected, with high speed, strong stability, fine spot and high precision
2. The welding control software is a technical cooperation between China and Germany, with simple operation, flexible editing, strong compatibility and good controllability
3. The power conversion of the scanning welding machine is strong, and the failure rate is low
4. Welding can realize continuous operation, with small weld, firm welding and not easy to break
5. Different parameters and groups of different parameters can be adjusted according to the concave convex and the size of the product welding range
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