Small portable portable pneumatic marking machine work reasons, ZIXU for your brief overview

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/09/05

Small portable portable pneumatic marking machine work reasons, ZIXU for your brief overview

First, the hardware is equipped with the first
portable marking machine

1, computer (computer) (demand side with, but also by my company purchasing)
2, the controller driver: import stepper motor driver.
3, marking the head guide: South Korea imported double row ball linear guide motor: domestic well-known brand motor high-frequency valve: US imports MAC air filter: domestic
Second, the print needle all carbide cutting pin, vibration frequency is higher than 300 times / sec, print pin hardness HRC92 degrees, can print the workpiece hardness is less than 62 degrees.
Third, the printing software software system developed by the company, the development of the print control software system.
a, optimized stepper motor algorithm.
b, can be modified, modified to print English and Chinese characters, Arabic numerals, graphics, graphics support CAD software function.
c, the standard windows description features, the software can work in windows XP / 2000/98, the software has a harmonious man-machine dialogue function, easy to grasp the operator quickly.
d, can be VIN, serial number and date of the custom marking.
e, the unique print on the needle and the automatic printing system.
f, which handles the print job counter.
9, support three-axis synchronous rotation. (Optional)

Small hand-held marking machine
Fourth, the marking machine at the end of the characteristics: the use of WINDOWS operating system, software modification function strong, easy to apply; can modify the required characters and graphics; word high, word width, word interval, in the print format can be adjusted; Date and serial number and other functions; two-dimensional table selection of precision mold casting, straight rolling guide, self-closing, self-lubricating bearings, high reliability; can work in harsh environments, no supplies, print symbols beautiful, ; Marking machine stability and reliability, high degree of automation, simple operation. The device is light weight, small size, easy to carry.
Fifth, the use of planning: for outdoor open-air work, used in heavy machinery, mini cars, motorcycles, construction machinery, ships and other manufacturers, the end of the frame number, the production of serial number symbol work

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