Scoring machine widely used in automobile manufacturing for car scribing.

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/11/15

Scoring machine widely used in automobile manufacturing for car scribing.
Car manufacturing process, the general plan has been engraved on the car body production serial number and vehicle identification code two production process. Production serial number is to order production in order to facilitate internal production of a serial number, its characterization The specification belongs to the internal standard of the enterprise, while the vehicle identification code is the mandatory national standard, which has the corresponding technical requirements for the location, font size and depth of car body engraving area.
Typically, the car manufacturing serial number and vehicle identification code scribing, the main choice of servo scoring, floating dot needle, rolling embossing or stamping and other marking equipment to achieve.

Among them, rolling embossing and stamping embossing these two ways is to use the dial plate characters have been made of characters or characters for stamping and scribing, character and graphics in the scribing process is immutable, the low capacity of its flexible production, limited The larger the scope of application in the automotive industry.

scribing machine

Floating point needle and servo scoring, although controlled by the numerical control system, has the advantages of flexible production.But the floating needle needle is made by compressed air pneumatic pressure for high-frequency vibration impact engraving, There are shortcomings of shock marks and uneven font thickness on the back of the marking position, while the pressure of the pneumatic scoring machine can be adjusted arbitrarily, the scribing fonts are uniform and the burr is less than that of the workpiece with different thicknesses .


Scoring machine



Therefore, pneumatic scoring machine in the automobile manufacturing industry has also been widely used.
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