SIC-marking Chassis VIN pneumatic marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/05/20

SIC-marking Chassis VIN pneumatic marking machine, SIC-marking machine is a very good quality marking machine. Pneumatic marking machine is used for chassis marking.but many factory have not that fonts.
ZIXU marking machine PMK-G02 is a dedicated automotive chassis and engine VIN serial number marking machine, a variety of fonts for different cars, such as Mercedes BMW chassis, TOYOTA chassis, engine number, Zixu can also produce a variety of fonts, professional technical team to solve the bottom plate number marking problem.
Chongqing ZIXU is a company is a research and development, manufacturing, sales and service as one of the intelligent equipment export enterprises, the company ZIXU12 years experience in R & D and production 9 years of export experience, combined with domestic and foreign advanced experience of intelligent equipment, the introduction of foreign advanced equipment, based on a mark of one-stop supply equipment of professional service providers our company, the purpose is: I have no people, I have fine; quality first, reputation first; service oriented, innovation and development. Always adhere to: "professional quality, quality, achievements in the future, quality and international synchronization" concept, for each customer to provide the best quality products and gold medal service!
ZIXU is PMK-G02 marking machine, is a professional research and development of products, custom software, including a variety of automotive chassis, professional engine change machine.

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