The laser marking machine has obvious advantages in the marking of electronic equipment

Author: zixu   Time: 2016/09/01

Although China has developed into one of the world's largest producer of electronic appliances and

electronics with powerful productivity, but also face in front of some manufacture, identification of the

embarrassing situation, laser marking machine with its principle, the advantages and characteristics of

can in the electronic appliances for permanent marking, I believe the near future, laser marking machine

in electrical and electronic marking in a wide range of applications and development.
Laser marking machine has been accepted by various industries, and its work principle and advantages are inseparable.
Cold processing of laser marking machine, literally can understand that this way is no longer by heating

to the processed goods surface trace identification, especially electronic devices such as the constituent

materials can not be resistant to high temperature, so the use of laser marking machine identification

does not produce any heat damage nor will the products on the environment caused by any pollution.

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