Powerful function of laser welding machine for mould

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/15

In the field of aerospace, laser intensive processing can be used to renovate fasteners on airplanes, etc. At present, the number of fasteners used on the aircraft is staggering, and they are only used for important components of wings or wings or fuselage. The number of fasteners per aircraft is also as high as 30000-200000. Therefore, the application of laser shock strengthening technology has important practical and economic benefits for improving the fatigue performance around the fasteners in the aircraft structure, improving the safety, reliability and service life of the aircraft.
laser welding machine
Laser cladding is an important method of material surface modification. It is irradiated on the metal surface by a high energy laser beam. It melts specifically on the surface of the substrate by rapid melting, expansion, and solidification. The physical, chemical or mechanical properties of the material form a new composite material to compensate for the high performance of the four axis fiber laser welding body.
Large rail transit manufacturing laser welding system is mainly used for manufacturing large stainless steel components. The main parts include rectangular coordinate gantry frame mobile robot, 6000W rofinsinar CO2 laser, working platform and roller pressing device. The equipment layout is 32m * 6.7m, and the effective working range is x-axis. The x-axis can be divided into gantry parking area and laser welding parts. Laser welding is divided into four welding areas. Each welding area is 6m long. Within this effective working range, one car can be welded at a time.
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