Potential advantages of laser marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/11/30

1) fast development
Because of the combination of laser technology and computer technology, users can realize laser printing output as long as they program on the computer, and can change the printing design at any time, fundamentally replacing the traditional mold manufacturing process, providing a convenient tool for shortening the product upgrading cycle and flexible production.
2) high machining accuracy
The laser can act on the surface of the material with a very thin beam, and the width of the thinnest line can reach 0.05mm. It creates a wide application space for precision machining and anti-counterfeiting function.
laser marking machine
Laser marking can meet the needs of printing a large amount of data on very small plastic parts. For example, two-dimensional barcodes with higher precision and clarity can be printed, which has stronger market competitiveness compared with the way of stamping or jet marking.
3) low maintenance cost
Laser marking is a non-contact marking, which is not limited by the service life of the template printing process, and has a very low maintenance cost in batch processing.
4) environmental protection
laser marking machine
Laser marking is non-contact marking, which saves energy, avoids chemical pollution compared with corrosion method, and reduces noise pollution compared with mechanical marking.
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