Portable pneumatic marking machine equipment maintenance knowledge

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/08/29

Portable pneumatic marking machine equipment maintenance knowledge, a lot of time, we are in the maintenance of the equipment above a lot of problems, often when the operation of the equipment is not a problem there is a problem, these small problems are from our usual Operating equipment caused by improper.

Portable marking machine

portable marking machine
Pneumatic marking machine maintenance knowledge:
    In the process of using the system, should pay attention to the regular maintenance of pneumatic marking machine, so that the pneumatic marking machine to maintain the best working condition. Maintenance work can be selected according to the user's own situation.
1, marking and needle care in the operation of the equipment, the needle repeatedly up and down the impact of action, due to needle and marking between the existence of friction, a long time after the inner sleeve and marking the needle itself will Is worn, so that the gap between the needle and the needle to increase, directly affect the print results. Maintenance will be marked from the needle out of the needle, with gasoline to clean them, dry after adding the right amount of oil, reload can be. The work is based on the frequency of the user's equipment, recommended two to three times a week.
2, marking the head of the maintenance of the marking head mainly by the linear guide and motor components. As the direct access to the workpiece is the workpiece, the workpiece in the process of marking the debris generated and the usual environment in the dust and other impurities easily attached to the track, after a long time easy to cause rail wear. Avoid the method is to regularly use gasoline to clean the rails, dry after adding the right amount of lubricants can be, the work is recommended once a week. At the same time pay attention to the process of cleaning refueling should be to avoid adding oil to the timing belt.
3, the controller maintenance equipment due to their own characteristics for a long time exposed to the air, a long time in the circuit board easy to fouling, long time is not easy to cause short circuit circuit. The way to clear is to turn the controller off when the controller is turned on, open the box cover with a clean friendship match the air will be inside
Dust can be clean. Usually should pay more attention to the outside of the cabinet dust work.
4, the computer maintenance After a long run of the computer, the system will also produce a large number of junk files, if not clean up will directly affect the normal operation of the software.


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