Portable Pneumatic Marking Machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/06/10

The portable pneumatic marking machine is ideal for marking the work in different places. Many enterprises are not easy to move because of the characteristics of the products, but the product itself must have certain marks.


Enterprises do not know how to just to solve this problem, marking the launch of a variety of portable pneumatic marking machine, to meet the needs of these enterprises, portable pneumatic marking machine is easy to operate, easy to carry, a variety of large and heavy workpiece marking, often need to work off-site marking, pneumatic marking machine is the first choice, and moderate price, can be equipped with a notebook computer.

The portable gas ZIXUpneumatic marking machine is no need to configure a notebook computer, if the configuration of notebook computer, when we are marking on the move is very troublesome, so Chongqing purple computer integrated 7 Inch Touch screen operation computer, the marking machine dedicated computer controller, which comes with the marking software, convenient to move, simple operation, is the ideal partner for portable marking machine. A portable marking machine equipped with such a marking machine computer Where do we want to mark, where we want to mark, whatever we wantFrom the plastic to the hard steel, they can point the needle marking at very high speed in all materials.


The controller can automatically increment the serial number, date, the working group and the marking icon, OCV font or codes. The portable pneumatic marking machine that will for many enterprises or is more severe the value of special products.

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