Portable pneumatic dot matrix marking the advantages of fiber laser marking machine benefits.

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/09/28

Portable pneumatic dot matrix marking the advantages of fiber laser marking machine benefits.
Pneumatic dot matrix marking machine for most of the auto parts marking, especially the portable marking machine is very popular, fiber marking machine for metal marking.
1, laser marking machine characteristics and pneumatic marking machine compared to them are two different nature of the marking machine.

2, laser marking machine marking principle is to rely on optical principles gathered into a spot, instantly burning metal surface to form a shallow pattern or text.

3, pneumatic marking machine marking the working principle is the use of air compressors to provide gas source for the marking of the driving force, in the metal surface to produce point-like and there are deep mark.
portable marking machine

4, laser metal marking machine shape bulky, not easy to move, marking the size of the workpiece, the choice of materials have great limitations.

5, pneumatic marking machine on the metal marking the size of the workpiece shape material is not required and restrictions.

6, laser marking machine purchase cost is about 10-30 times the pneumatic marking machine, the use of parts in the process of replacement costs are relatively higher than the pneumatic printer.

7, pneumatic marking machine easy to use, low prices, the use of parts in addition to the process of spare parts, there are very few supplies, the cost of maintenance is relatively low.

Throughout the above analysis, the conclusion can be seen that the advantages of pneumatic marking machine, laser metal marking machine in the future can not replace the pneumatic marking machine market.

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