Pneumatic marking machine needle head solution

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/09/19

Pneumatic marking machine needle head solution, pneumatic marking machine in normal work, the walking trajectory is normal or the needle is not out or the amplitude is small, the reasons and troubleshooting methods:
The marking machine does not have a pin solution
 (1) between the printing needle and the needle between the increase in friction, may be due to needle and needle between the card, such as the splashing of aluminum scrap, iron, etc., or needle and needle is too dry The
 (2) air compressor out of the compressed air in the oil, through the gas to reach the needle on the O-ring.
 (1) do not have to remove the needle sleeve, with ordinary sewing machine oil directly coated on the exposed needle bar can be; if still not, it may be stuck inside the dirty things stuck, as long as the needle removed from the bucket clean Or clean can be. Usually the possibility of the latter is very small, generally just take the first step can be.

 (2) regularly release the oil and water separator in the oil and water, and remove the needle, wipe the oil on the O-ring.


marking pin

marking needle

marking stylus



Gas barrier
 The control switch on the controller is off.
 First look at the two pieces of barometers on the barometric pressure value is 0, then the print head into the trachea, check whether the air arrived here. Open the gas control switch.
 Phenomenon: The print needle is not working properly
Reason and solution:
1. There was an error during file entry. Such as sending invisible print content outside the print area. The document should be re-established in strict accordance with the operating instructions.
2. The control program is destroyed. The control software should be reinstalled.
3. Computer hardware or other soft faults. The computer is overhauled by a professional.
4. The motor control driver board in the controller is damaged. Replace the control board.
As the marking machine fast and efficient work efficiency, so we use the marking machine when we must understand the maintenance.
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