Pneumatic marking machine should be the number of pressure, the use of any pressure regulating valve, needle does not work

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/03/17

Pneumatic marking machine should be the number of pressure, the use of any pressure regulating valve, needle does not work
The pneumatic marking machine needs to be connected with the air compressor. The air compressor provides the main power source for compressed air. Pneumatic marking machine using the role of pressure on the surface of the object to produce biological force, thus forming a different depth of the mark. In order to adjust the depth of the marking effect, you can adjust the size of the pressure to achieve the purpose. Pneumatic marking machine has a special pneumatic control valve, a simple rotation, you can adjust the size of the pressure. If the pressure needs smaller values, can rotate counterclockwise pressure regulating valve, and numerical pressure gauge changes, pay attention to pneumatic marking machine marking the normal pressure has the minimum limit, if less than the minimum value, the marking machine can mark. Similarly, the clockwise rotation of the valve, you can adjust the atmospheric pressure.
Pneumatic marking machine marking needles can play marked accurately characters or graphics, according to the characteristics of different markers can choose different specifications of the marking needle. When the print request depth <0.1mm, should use small needle; when marking depth request >0.1mm<0.3mm should be used as medium needle; marking depth request >0.3mm, choose a large needle of different sizes, needles, symbols marked by different thickness, small needle line fine, medium size is moderate, the most coarse. In the selection of different marking needle, the size of the air pressure should also be relatively small, usually small font mark, the required air pressure should be small, according to the size of the needle, and increase the pressure.
The pneumatic marker control the magnitude of the pressure, control can achieve the depth of the adjustment mark, but only in a minimal range, if mark depth is big in marking before adjusting the marking needle and the workpiece surface distance, distance is generally smaller, more deep mark. To find the appropriate spacing, the marking process and then adjust the way to adjust the pressure, until the satisfaction of the depth of the mark.
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