Pneumatic marking machine needs to have the following characteristics is a good marking machine.

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/10/06

Pneumatic marking machine needs to have the following characteristics is a good marking machine. Pneumatic marking machines and laser marking machines are currently the two most popular labeling devices on the market. Among them, the pneumatic marking machine is to mark the effect of good and cost-effective cost-effective occupation of the mark market half of the country. Pneumatic marking machine in the end where it is good

      The advantages of pneumatic marking machine is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

      1, good flexibility, the mark can be shallow and shallow, and can mark a variety of ways, whether it is graphics, text, product serial number or trademark.

      2, the mark is permanent. Marking after the mark to become a permanent logo, for the product to provide a permanent traceability.

      3, pneumatic marking machine marking speed. To meet the vast majority of business day marking requirements. In general, the daily marking of the workpiece less than 1600 or so (according to 10 5mm high character) of the enterprise, you can choose pneumatic marking machine.

portable marking machine

portable marking machine

      4, pneumatic marking machine small size, easy to carry and environmental adaptability, can be stable in a variety of high-speed environment. Such as those of all kinds of heavy-duty workpiece marking and the need for regular off-site marking of enterprises, pneumatic marking machine is their first choice for marking equipment.

      5, pneumatic marking machine adaptability, can be easily integrated in the industrial production line. Jinan Rui Jun's head design small, strong, easy to install.

      6, for anti-Wai wide, in a variety of materials on the object to complete the mark work. Whether it is plastic or the hardest steel, pneumatic marking machine in all the material through the needle high-speed impact movement to complete the marking.

      7, pneumatic marking machine is simple and convenient, high degree of intelligence, marking the process of its intelligent controller can automatically increase the serial number, date, workgroup and marking icons, fonts or two-dimensional identification code.

      The above is the pneumatic marking machine and other marking equipment compared to the seven major advantages. ZIXU specializes in marking the printing equipment, automation equipment research and development, production, sales and service as one of the high-tech enterprises. The company's main products are: pneumatic marking machine, pneumatic marking machine, laser marking machine, laser marking machine, electric car marking machine, frame number marking machine, nameplatemarking machine, portable marking machine, etc. Marking equipment, welcomed the new and old customers to buy for your products.

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