Pneumatic marking machine must be like a regular maintenance of the car, to ensure that the normal marking machine is essential

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/04/28

Pneumatic marking machine must be like a regular maintenance of the car, to ensure that the normal marking machine is essential
The stability of the pneumatic marking machine determines the quality of the product. The process of maintenance and operation of pneumatic marking machine technician.
Pneumatic marking machine how to maintain it? First of all: if it is the daily maintenance is mainly to deal with the print head and guide rail with iron brush cleaning, keep equipment clean. In addition, the use of marking machine, should check whether the needle needle cavity is loose and check the marking tip is damaged, to avoid waste. Second: if it is the maintenance of the week is mainly for: marking the needle cavity part of the inspection, timely cleaning the dust inside the needle chamber, which can reduce the wear of the needle chamber. Finally: if the monthly maintenance should be: to mark the head of the X and Y to the toothed belt, toothed belt press plate to check to see if there is loose, through the adjustment of the belt pulley spacing tension belt.
Pneumatic marking machine is mainly used in:
1, automobile, motorcycle, engine, piston, body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and other parts of the serial number, name, trademark, production date printing;
2, electric cars, bicycles, motorcycles and other frame number printing;
3, a variety of goods, vehicles, equipment, product label printing;
4, all kinds of mechanical parts, machine tools, metal products, metal pipe, gear, pump body, valve, fasteners, steel, instruments and meters;
5, mechanical and electrical equipment and other metal marking;
PMK-D series pneumatic marking machine can realize vertical 250 * 170mm plane printing, suitable for large nameplate printing. At the same time, according to the different needs of customers, you can customize the larger print area of the marking machine. Only can not think, can not do. This kind of air flow marking machine, can according to the computer edits the good character or the graph, on the surface of your work prints out the exquisite character or the graph. Widely used in all kinds of gear, valve, pump body, metal pipe fittings, wheel motor, fasteners marking. The utility model has the advantages of unique shape, convenient operation and the like. Welcome to order this product.
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