Pneumatic marking machine marking needle the advantages and scope of use

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/09/11

Pneumatic marking machine marking needle the advantages and scope of use.
Perhaps you at a certain time, an address, the use of marking machine, but you marking the parts of the marking machine and how much? Marking the scope of the application of what kind of goods what kind of marking needle? Chongqing ZIXU pneumatic marking needle sold to various countries, ZIXU pneumatic marking the strengths and scope of use.
At the beginning of pneumatic marking needle length:
A. high hardness, good resistance, very wear-resistant, low consumption, the use of long time
B. Marking needle tip can be repeated grinding, repeated use
C. can achieve the depth of marking and narrow marking
D. is a very economical and practical pneumatic marking machine dedicated supplies, if the length of 50 mm or more, manufacturers can also trade-in.

pneumatic marking needle

marking machine needle

marking needle

marking head

Scissors Needle: Plastic and various metal nameplate signs, Aircraft Car Train Ships Parts, Wheels, Cylinders, Gears, Bearings, Valves, Flanges, Sensors, Transformers, Oil Pipe, Steel Pipe, Roll, Plate , Hardware tools, blades, ruler, bit number, small nut parts, large aircraft to the ship, are very applicable.
We offer more than 200 kinds of marking pins, customized various types of marking needles.

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