Pneumatic marking machine is not easy to operate, easy to produce problems. How to solve it

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/03/16

Pneumatic marking machine is not easy to operate, easy to produce problems. How to solve it
The use of pneumatic marking machine, connected to the computer control software, needle dot marking, forming a font and patterns, is widely used in mould, hardware accessories industry, as used in the manufacture of pneumatic marking machine note what?
1 pin safety: in practice to remind ourselves of the gas source switch has not turned off, there is no higher than the working needle high pressure side; familiar with, to remind ourselves that the next step will be how to get the needle will encounter what. At the same time, avoid the needle directly on the bench, playing more, working table uneven, affect the quality of printing.
2 file security: can only copy can not be cut, otherwise it may fail. In order to prevent computer crashes or broken, please make a good copy of the file, on the other computer disk, it is best not to download the Internet on the U disk or mobile hard disk.
3 precision problem: once a dozen times a reset to eliminate system error.
4 questions: the handover of the work, should spare disk, marking needle, manual, "marking" content folder and backup folder, marking editing, operation methods and precautions for the complete transfer of the church so far.
5 wiring security: such as the change in the position of the machine, before the change should turn off the computer and controller, the connection can be removed after the change position.
6 Computer Security: try not to get on the Internet, and even the computer before marking the machine should be thoroughly cleared anti-virus, Internet access and the use of U disk, or once infected with the virus, the software may not operate. Under certain circumstances, the computer is equipped with genuine anti-virus software, 24 hours online, you can always update anti-virus software to kill a variety of the latest virus.
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