Pneumatic marking machine hit the head strength smaller, how to do?

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/03/21

Pneumatic marking machine hit the head strength smaller, how to do?
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Pneumatic marking machine is a kind of widely used type marking machine, at work may encounter some problems affecting pneumatic marking machine marking efficiency, the needle did not force pneumatic marking machine is one of the common problems, for this problem, the common approach are as follows:
1 check the gas way: the trachea and joints are blocked or leak, pressure table pointer when printing instructions will not print slightly reduced by about 0.1MPa, if reduced more check the barometer and table before the gas and air compressor output have no problem
2 replace the needle, such as the solution to change the needle to open the cleaning or replacement of the spring, can not solve the discharge of the needle when the impression of the gas outlet and the normal time when there is no difference between gas. Significant reduction in the amount of gas is likely to plug the solenoid valve (compressed air impurities and water will cause), the solution to replace or clean the solenoid valve.
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