Pneumatic marking machine and laser marking machine applicable to different application areas

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

When into an array of shopping malls, we found that there are many goods have hit the target traces, even usually drink mineral water, ceramic cup, metal insulation Cup, and usually eat snacks packing bags and cosmetics box are subject traces.
Commonly used marking machine mainly pneumatic marking machine and laser marking machine, two marking machines in our lives are widely used, the two are mainly working principle, scope of application, the price difference between the three.
1, the principle of different
Pneumatic marking machine principle is the first to put in both Chinese and English characters and graphics content is input into the computer, the computer and then will it change for the transmission of digital signals to the controller, then under the action of compressed air, marking needle
high-frequency micro shock motion hit product surface, product form from and leave the concave marks.
Laser marking machine principle is with high energy density of the laser beam under the control of the computer,
exposure to the product surface, product surface instantaneous melting or vaporization, thus leave we need patterns on the surface of the product.
2, the scope of application is different
Pneumatic marking machine is mainly used in metal, a few for non metals (must is a relatively high hardness of non metal),
such as all mechanical parts, machine tools, metal products, metal pipe, gear, a pump body, a valve, a fastener, steel, instruments,
mechanical and electrical equipment metal marking.
Laser marking machine can be used in metal and non-metallic, currently used in some of the requirements of the finer,
higher accuracy of the occasion, such as electronic components, integrated circuits (IC), electrical appliances, mobile communications,
hardware, tools, accessories, precision instruments, watch glasses, jewelry jewelry, auto parts, plastic buttons, building materials, PVC pipe.
In addition to the above two different, the price also has a certain gap; because laser marking machine needs to use the laser,
so laser machine price to than pneumatic marking machine is expensive; can choose according to their own needs,
if you want to print deep traces in the metal, with the election of gas dynamic marking machine, asking appearance,
precision is high, the selection of laser marking machine.
From the above analysis, can not determine the advantages and disadvantages of pneumatic marking machine and laser
marking machine, choose what kind of marking machine marking also starting from the actual situation, according to the standard to hit the raw material to determine.
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