Pneumatic dot peen marking machine typing deformation is what reason.

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/09/24

Pneumatic dot peen marking machine typing deformation is what reason.
Cause one: Tip Y-axis failure, can be completely judged for the Y-axis out of the question!
This is one of the classic faults of pneumatic printer
The structural design of the pneumatic marking machine determines the high failure rate of the Y-axis motor, which is obvious because the Y-axis motor will run back and forth along the X-axis. In such a high frequency reciprocating operation, the Y-axis motor wiring is easy to occur Root break the situation, it is inevitable! You can start from here to check; four lines, generally outside do not see broken traces, use the multimeter! Second, along the Y-axis motor of the four lines have been looking forward, the cable head is also prone to virtual fault point! Two possible reasons are disconnected, the measurement must be careful and careful, this is the key!

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Cause two: the maximum possible Pneumatic Da Maji print head Y-axis and trip switch is broken, the switch sub-mechanical switch and photoelectric switch, the former a few dollars, the latter pick up more than 100 yuan, you can reset the software several times Modified to 999, close the controller, through the manual way to mark the machine back to the origin. So you can continue to use, a penny goods, cheap expensive is the reason.

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