What are the advantages of the automatic PCB QR code marking machine?

Author: zixu marking   Time: 2018/10/26

What are the advantages of the automatic PCB QR code marking machine?
PCB two-dimensional code automatic laser marking equipment is mainly used in PCB, FPCB, SMT and other industries; mainly used in PCB / FPCB surface automatic marking QR code (according to different sizes to choose the corresponding model), can be white oil, green oil, black oil and other inks and copper, stainless steel, aluminum alloy and other surface automatic marking two-dimensional code, one-dimensional code. Character. The two-dimensional code can be automatically generated by the information of raw material purchase, production process and process, product batch, manufacturer, production date, product direction, etc. It can be traced and managed by laser marking on the surface of PCB / FPCB.
PCB 2D code laser marking machine sample copy
Then, what advantages does the automatic PCB QR code marking machine exceed the laser independently designed and developed?
1, using imported CO2 laser, fiber laser, green laser, UV laser, stable performance.
2. The imported high speed galvanometer has the advantages of high machining accuracy, fast marking speed and stable performance.
3. The software interface is humanized, easy to operate, and strong in editing.
4. It can automatically get job number, batch number, material code, name and specifications, and automatically code.
5. It can automatically read QR code and save data, automatically record and alarm when it is unable to read.
6, customizable automatic boarding machine, automatic plate collector, automatic corner machine, conveyor line and so on.
7, compared with ordinary inkjet printing, no consumables, no pollution, no maintenance.
PCB QR code laser marking machine function copy
Beyond the laser full automatic QR code laser marking equipment. It integrates automatic loading and unloading of loading and unloading trolley and vacuum adsorption manipulator, XY precision moving platform, CCD vision positioning, CCD vision code reading self-check and uploading database, precision control system and communication interaction are highly integrated. Welcome to negotiate with us.
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