Net chamber of commerce in the upcoming in Poland

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

Our company will join the cross-border electricity service network trade fair in the early july, the exhibition will be held in Warsaw, Poland.
Chongqing ZiXu machinery works in response to the call of the network chamber of Commerce, will participate in the exhibition project,
then there will have equipment exhibition. All interested friends can go to the scene to exchange. Our company produces a variety of marking machines,
such as laser marking machine, pneumatic marking machine, widely used in all walks of life product identification, such as the need to know more
products can enter our company's official website for understanding.
Net trade will have 1 million 700 thousand overseas procurement businesses. Large chain buyers in which there are 400 thousand.
Help Chinese suppliers to achieve rapid export transactions.
According to the China Belt and Road Initiative policy, net trade will be highly recognized by the government and the purchaser.
And signed a cooperation agreement with a number of countries. Make suppliers and buyers have more smooth communication channels. Achieve fast transaction.
Polish is the biggest countries in Eastern Europe and economies and the EU GDP growth the fastest countries, higher than twice the average growth
rate of the other members of the EU, 2015 Poland with a per capita GDP of $2600, ranking the forefront of the world, at the same time, Warsaw,
Poland located in the center of Europe, is Europe's trading port and transportation hub, the purchaser through Warsaw can the distribution of goods
to the whole of Europe, radiation population of over one billion people.
Venue location is located at the airport expressway, superior geographical location, convenient transportation, covers an area of 4300 square meters,
both from the scale or the planning category, in Europe are unique.
Welcome to visit.
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