Multi purpose use of pneumatic marking machine in industry

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/03/29

Multi purpose use of pneumatic marking machine in industry
Now in the development of enterprises, the packaging industry is constantly changing, pneumatic marking machine is widely used in various industries, pneumatic marking machine used for marking workpiece volume weight greatly, such as car frame, car engine, cylinder, pipeline, mold, mold, hull, steel plate and so on. The marking can be fixed by an electromagnet suction cup or a vacuum sucker. Hit the weight below 4KG, easy to operate. USB controller body computer control, as long as there is a gas source, or buy a small air pump. Can be put on the workpiece to mark. Pneumatic marking machine out of depth, suitable for machinery manufacturers, can also be marked on the nameplate or nameplate computer numerical control convenient.
Zixu to provide more marking program, customized marking system is better suited to individual needs, to meet the needs of different industries.
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