Marking needl is the only consumables for pneumatic marking machine.

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/01/08

Marking needl is the only consumables for pneumatic marking machine.
The effect of marking by the marking needle is very large, so carefully select the marking needle is particularly important.
Our company's marking needle to meet different needs, mainly divided into the following four levels.
A domestic alloy core
Mainly used for soft metal such as aluminum, the biggest advantage is the price cheap.
B imported alloy core
Core hardness reached HRA93.8 °, can be widely applied to a variety of hardness less than HRC60 ° metal materials.
Such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel and so on
Wear resistance is three times the normal alloy core.



marking machine needle

C coated alloy core
On the basis of the imported alloy, the needle tip is hard coated after coating, which increases the wear resistance and greatly prolongs the service life of the needle core, thereby saving the marking cost in the long run.
Even in such high-hardness steel hardened steel can be the perfect marking.
 marking machine needle
D diamond core
Diamond-studded tip, material with a primary hardness higher than HRC 60 °, suitable for marking of special hardness materials such as alloy tools

marking machine needle

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