Manufacturers to solve the fiber marking machine marking ghosting method.

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/11/01

Manufacturers to solve the fiber marking machine marking ghosting method.
Some users say that fiber laser marking machine to print ghosting, seriously affecting the marking quality, detrimental to the product's aesthetic, to solve the ghost method has the following methods:
    First, because different manufacturers do not set the same, you can try a few delay parameters.
    Second, first look at the fiber laser marking machine light class has not adjusted, and then look at the switch laser delay is not transferred.

    Third, there may be noise caused by the pulse signal, if not the above reasons, that is, the laser cross-mode caused by bad.Typical words in the cavity plus small holes, or in the beam after the expansion of the hole, It is necessary to change the design of the laser cavity.


laser marking machine manufacturer

laser marking machine manufacturer



    Fourth, there may be fiber laser marking machine in a light path of a reflective element emissivity is not high (such as 45 degrees with a 0 degree mirror mirror) caused by the front and rear reflection twice, the solution is to use the bar filter, So that a few points can be filtered out there is to change the relevant extension parameters, generally galvanometer delay caused by the first check the light, light side if there is no problem, look at the control part of the main Is the computer system is not a virus, the parameters on the wrong, there is galvanometer.
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