Laser welding gear, advantages of laser welding

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/10/26

Welding technology has a great influence on a country's industrial production, especially in some high-end scientific fields. In addition to these high-end scientific fields, in the welding of automobile gears, it is a technology that has to be used. Do you know why laser welding technology is used for gears? What are the benefits of doing so?
First of all, before we understand this problem, we need to make a simple understanding of laser welding. Looking at the name, we can get some key information. It is different from ordinary arc welding. Ordinary welding uses electric arc for welding, while laser welding uses laser for welding. When welding, we directly use laser to irradiate the place to be welded. Continuous irradiation will heat the welded workpiece. After heating, the atoms will slowly combine. Starting from the atomic aspect, the welded object has high stability. It is a permanent connection process.
laser welding machine
When laser welding is used, the temperature deformation of the workpiece is very small. Compared with ordinary electric welding, it has high energy, is not easy to deform, and is affected by welding. The place of welding is very limited, the welding is very fast, the surface of the weld can be used as long as it is formed, the weight of the whole workpiece is very light, and the processing method is relatively simple. In the automotive field, the gear of the gearbox is made smaller and smaller, and the accuracy requirements are higher and higher. If the laser technology is used, it can control the welding deformation of the gear in a reasonable range. It can enhance the service life of the vehicle and reduce the failure rate of the vehicle.
laser welding machine
[metal laser welding equipment] is suitable for all kinds of complex welding, spot welding of different equipment and welding of 1mm thick weld; multiple optical fiber mode, simultaneous welding of multiple stations;
[mold laser welding equipment] suitable for mold industrialization, for precision mold maintenance, such as digital products, mobile phones, toys, automobiles, motorcycles, mold and other mold manufacturing and forming industries;
laser welding machine
[laser welding of gold and silver jewelry] mainly used in jewelry, electronic components, communications, crafts and other industries;
[large laser welding] is applied to the assembly and welding of automobile body covering parts, such as car door, side wall, skylight, floor, front compartment, rear compartment and trunk lid.
[automatic laser welding machine] use numerical control software to control the mechanical system to move or rotate the workpiece, so as to realize automatic welding.
[laser spot welding machine] it can be used for precise welding of various small and heat sensitive parts of jewelry, watch and clock wires, integrated circuit leads.
[YAG laser welding machine] features of high density, strong and solid weld, precise control, high power density, deep and narrow weld, bright and beautiful weld, etc.
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