Laser marking scheme for medical packaging

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/11/23

In the current packaging process of pharmaceutical products, there is a very strict quality assurance. Every process and every process needs to go through strict testing. Minor errors may directly affect the quality assurance of products. First of all, for the medical field, it is necessary to consider the health and safety of products. Generally, the marking methods of toxic and harmful drugs are not allowed. Laser marking technology is a marking method which uses high-energy density laser to irradiate the surface of drug packaging materials locally, which makes the surface materials of drug packaging materials vaporize or undergo chemical reaction of color change, so as to leave a long-term mark. The whole processing process does not need to contact the surface of the processed objects, and does not need to consume consumables, so there is no generation of pollutants. It can be said that laser marking is a green marking method. However, in the current packaging process of drugs, not only the whole packaging process is non-toxic and pollution-free, but also needs beautiful packaging with economic effect.
Aidijie laser's laser coding equipment in the packaging industry can be used to specify the location when cooperating with the assembly line, or can be rotated to achieve coding at any angle. The laser coding meets the environmental protection standards of European and American countries, with fine, clear, firm and indelible lines, and can be marked with characters, numbers, bar codes, two-dimensional codes and other forms.
Laser marking scheme
Laser coding equipment does not need consumables, basic maintenance free, the comprehensive cost is lower than ink printing equipment.
In recent years, laser marking machine (commonly known as laser marking machine) has been widely used in China's pharmaceutical industry, gradually replacing the traditional ink. According to research, the general spray marking method is often not safe and environmentally friendly because the paint contains toxic substances. Secondly, as a special commodity, health care products and drugs need to be coded on the packaging to meet the strict requirements of traceability in the pharmaceutical industry. Laser code printer can accurately burn and engrave delicate, clear and long-term characters, which can not be wiped and changed, and has a certain anti-counterfeiting effect. At the same time, laser marking does not produce mechanical extrusion or mechanical stress, and will not be damaged
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