Laser marking machine what supplies, how to maintain.

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/11/18

Laser marking machine what supplies, how to maintain.
Compared with other laser processing technologies such as laser cutting, laser welding, laser heat treatment, laser rapid prototyping, etc., laser marking technology is the most widely used and mature technology in the field of laser processing, so how to maintain the laser Marking machine, let it maintain high-precision production work?
laser marking equipment
    Laser marking machine in the process of using, pay attention to the following precautions:
    1, keep indoor and machine surfaces clean and tidy.
    2, Regularly check the optical lenses for dirt (deadline depending on the work environment may be), if the dirt emergency scrub. Scrubbing method: cleaning lenses, we must be very careful, before the lens cleaning, arbitrary changes to the protection circuit and the laser is not part.
    3, non-water or water cycle is not normal start laser power and Q power.
    4, does not allow Q power supply work (that is, Q power supply output unconnected).
    5, there is an anomaly, first turn off the galvanometer switch and the key switch, check again.
    6, pay attention to the laser power output (anode) vacant, to prevent ignition and other electrical breakdown.
    7, to keep the water circulating clean.Regularly clean the laser marking tank and clean deionized water or pure water.
    8, Do not allow krypton lamp ignited before starting other components, in case of high pressure fleeing into damaged components.
    9, configure the laser chiller, the effective cooling of the marking machine module and Q head, to prevent marking machine temperature is too high.
    In the process of using the above should comply with the correct use of laser equipment, so as to extend the service life of equipment, reduce costs.
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