Laser marking machine to achieve product traceability

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

With the development of electronic technology, it is necessary to provide a more characteristic product.

From raw materials, processing, assembly, testing, sales, every step need a complete retrospective method,

in order to achieve product quality control and returns. To achieve traceability, the product must be text,

bar code or two-dimensional code identification, to give the product a unique identity card.

At present, most of the electronic products have traceability information identification.

Most manufacturers generally use inkjet labels, but this method is not good, a large number of supplies,

high pollution, easy to erase marks and so on. But now there is a better way, laser marking function printing

never fade of the bar code, two-dimensional code to replace the label paper.

ZIXU laser marking machine can be used for printing bar code, qr code, special characters, graphics and other

information on the circuit board, housing and related components. The laser marking machine does not cause

any damage, and will not affect the use, the font is clear and beautiful, improve the brand effect.

The laser marking machine can also be matched with the production line to realize the on-line marking.

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