Laser marking machine suppliers to provide the perfect laser marking procedures, make it easier for you to use more secure marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/05/17

Laser marking machine suppliers to provide the perfect laser marking procedures, make it easier for you to use more secure marking machine, Chongqing ZIXU machinery factory as a professional marking machine manufacturers, providing perfect solutions, customized products to meet your use.
1, scope of application
This procedure specifies the operation process, safety operation requirements and maintenance of optical fiber laser marking machine.
2, operation process
Starting sequence of fiber laser marker
2.1 turn on the main power;
2.2 turn on the computer;
2.3 turn on the control card power supply;
2.4 turn on the laser power;
2.5 turn on the mirror power supply;
2.6 turn on the computer;
2.7, open marking software, enter the print content, adjust the corresponding parameters (such as: laser power, printing speed, focal length, etc.), you can product marking.
Shutdown order of fiber laser marker
2.1 turn off the laser marking software and then turn off the computer;
2.2 turn off the laser power supply, mirror power supply, computer power supply and control card power supply in turn;
2.3 turn off the main power.
3, safe operation
3.1 laser marking, the workpiece should be handled with care, is strictly prohibited to hit the workpiece hit the head, causing damage to the lens;
3.2 in the laser marking process, nothing can be used to touch the laser beam, especially the parts of the human body (if the metal is on the hand, it should be removed before marking);
3.3 in the laser marking process, the eye can not long-term view of the laser beam.
4 、 equipment maintenance and repair
Under normal working condition, the equipment should be periodically the daily maintenance, operation department shall designate a person responsible for supervision and implementation.
4.1 operators should be responsible for cleaning the equipment every day. After work, you need to clean the appearance of the equipment and the surrounding work environment (cleaning equipment, prohibit moving the machine), so that no debris, no dust, clean, neat equipment, all relevant items;
4.2, the machine does not use for a long time, should promptly turn off the power supply, to avoid other people misoperation;
4.3, dust on the job site is larger, every day after shutdown should be covered with dust cloth;
4.4, focus on the mirror fouling, marking effect, should be promptly cleaned with cotton and alcohol;
4.5 when the equipment is out of order, the manufacturer and technician should be informed to go to the shop to repair it.
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