Laser marking machine marking watch

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/11/09

The watch is a tool used to show time in people's daily life. Compared with other tools to show time, the watch is directly worn on the wrist and does not occupy any place. Moreover, the watch is also a decorative item, and now it has become a symbol of status.
The mechanical watch is driven by the spring in the movement, which drives the gear to push the needle. It does not need to change the battery, and can be used for a long time through regular maintenance and oil washing.
laser marking machine
The mechanical watch which is manually linked needs to be linked in order to operate, so it requires people to interact with it (linked). The automatic mechanical watch is an improvement of the mechanical watch, in which a pendulum is added. When people walk, the arm swing will drive the pendulum up the chain. The mechanical watch is like a presenter of the owner: if you wear it every day, it will have the energy to continue to operate and urge the owner to strive; and if the owner is lazy, it will use the way of strike to promote the owner. So to some extent, mechanical watch has human feelings, which can not be replaced by electronic watch.
Stainless steel is the most widely used watch material. The watch made of stainless steel has the brightness close to the mirror surface, and the touch is hard and cold, which is loved by the majority of people.
laser marking machine
A watch with exquisite workmanship has been defined as a high-end ornament. However, because it is an ornament worn on the hand, it is often affected by abrasion, wiping and hanging. In the past, delicate and delicate marks were often scratched, and there is no longer the style of the past. Therefore, the watchmaker is very strict on the marking requirements, which not only requires fine and beautiful patterns, but also has the characteristics of permanence and corrosion resistance. Timg
The traditional marking technology shows that the definition is not high, and it is easy to be erased, which can not meet the needs of the manufacturers, while the laser marking technology can fully meet the needs of watch manufacturers, so it is more and more used in the first ornament processing industry.
laser marking machine
The laser marking machine uses high energy density laser to irradiate each part of the watch locally, making the surface material vaporize or have chemical reaction of color change, thus leaving permanent mark on the watch.
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