Laser marking machine for printing machine industry to bring new economic growth point

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for food, medicine and other areas are more demanding.
As a modern marking equipment, laser marking machine has been widely used in the industry with its unique and non coated anti fake.
China's laser marking machine industry is alarming, multi use, high efficiency will become the future direction of the industry, but also to win the key to user recognition.
Now on the market of laser marking machine using the world's most advanced technology, some laser marking machine has
unique and ingenious around the membrane structure to solve the rapid spurt the code synchronization error, to spurt the code
any position adjustable, especially in pillow type packaging machine for packaging and sealing packaging machine matching to spurt the code,
is an ideal product for replacement of rotary laser inkjet printer.
Laser marking machine comprehensive ability superior, laser marking machine to have developed for nearly twenty years of the
inkjet printer industry brought huge impact and sales competition, also give to the inkjet printer industry bring new economic
growth point. Undeniable is for traditional ink jet printer with its adaptability is very strong, strong to some products are laser
marking machine won't instead of. Such as wire and cable industry, the special steel industry. In addition, such as the food and
beverage, medicine, daily chemical, part of the building materials, auto parts, electronic and electrical appliances, such as industry
laser to spurt the code machine is capable of, especially high-speed filling production line. Report shows that laser marking machine
with higher price, without the need for any post inkjet printer consumables spending, in the vast majority of the industry needs
and can be applied. The laser marking machine, to adapt to the problems tend to reflect the expertise in some aspect of it,
such as anti fake mark, such as high speed and zero failure rate marking etc., these same is inkjet printer do not and cannot
replace the advantage. Both products manufacturers, for equipment with high efficiency and stability are extra attention,
laser marking machine is the great advantages of high efficiency and stability, let the inkjet printer can not hold a candle.
From the stability, laser marking machine stability is absolutely unmatched by spurts the code machine, failure rates are used to feel,
laser marking machine are far superior to the inkjet printer. From the spray printing effect, laser machine laser ablation, with high penetration,
anti false function, marked with a clear and beautiful not deformation, and can identify any font in the computer.
Future laser marking machine immeasurable prospects for development, environmental protection, green is the theme
of laser marking machine as well as the cornerstone for the sustainable development of our business, to lay a good foundation,
for the latter part of the development and brand building are very favorable. Laser marking machine in the market of our country
is still in the development of the primary stage, there is a long way to go, the laser marking machine is to is high speed, high reliability,
operating costs low, simple operation and bar code is arranged printing precision characteristics increasingly won broad market.
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