Laser marking machine for deep carving of copper sheet

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/28

The history of laser marking machine is developing continuously, from semiconductor marking machine to optical fiber marking machine, carbon dioxide, green marking machine, ultraviolet marking machine, each of these machines is good at
For example, the optical fiber marking machine is mainly used for metals, the carbon dioxide laser marking machine is mainly used for nonmetals, while the UV marking machine is good at marking glass, and the green marking machine is used for glass lens carving in the interior. It has reason to advance to this point. The semiconductor should be outdated, but recently, the limited company has encountered a problem.
copper laser marking machine
The customer's sample is a piece of copper. Engineers are trying to mark with fiber marker and carbon dioxide laser marker respectively. The results are not ideal and the reflection is very strong. Finally, we try to use semiconductor laser to mark. The mark of the machine is surprisingly good. Finally, the engineer came to the conclusion that the wavelength interacts with the material. The wavelength of carbon dioxide marking machine is 10600, which is particularly beneficial to plastics.
The wavelength of optical fiber laser marking machine is 1064, which has advantages for stainless steel and other metals, but the material of copper is especially consistent with that of semiconductor laser marking machine. There are four common types of semiconductor wavelengths: 1550mm, 1310mm, 850mm and 980mm.
For this sample, we use D10 semiconductor marking machine, and set the parameters as: filling 0.01, crossing 0, 90, power 90, speed 50, frequency 20. The effect is the best from this parameter. Let's take a look at the following picture.
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