Laser marking machine for auto parts marking has become a trend

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/05/10

Laser marking machine for auto parts marking has become a trend, the car has many components, each component has its own model, but also by different manufacturers, so we have to trace the quality of each component, laser marking machine is to identify the best products.
The car has become an indispensable means of transport, the car is expected to have everyone, can reflect a person's identity and the image of the number of items, Shenzhen vehicles have been like ants in the car industry, as can be imagined is so hot. So a detail on the car will affect consumer choice, if when we were in the car, most of our attention on the car entertainment equipment, listen to music, watch videos and so on, with more, some function keys on the car will appear wear, and lead to unsightly, now with the development of Laser Science and technology, laser marking machine is used widely in automobile industry, marking, label machine permanent in some parts, to create the perfect effect at the same time, the production cost is greatly reduced, is also on the car air pollution can. The following figure, the use of 10W fiber laser marking machine for processing, the entire cycle is only 5 seconds, it is conceivable that such an efficiency, one minute to be able to process a set of 12. Therefore, it is an inevitable trend that fiber laser marking machine is widely used in the automotive industry.
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