Laser Cutting Machine for Leather Fabric is devoted to a new type of rapid processing scheme

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/12/15

Laser Cutting Machine for Leather Fabric is devoted to a new type of rapid processing scheme
Although laser processing is also a hot processing method, it is very suitable for cutting textile fabrics because of its high focusing, fine irradiation spot and small thermal diffusion zone. Specifically, it can be shown in the wide range of fabrics, smooth cut without flying edge, automatic closing, no deformation, graphics can be designed and output freely by computer, no tool die and so on. This makes laser processing an accepted alternative in the industry.
Laser Cutting Machine for Leather
Laser marking has the characteristics of high precision, fast speed and clear marking. It can print all kinds of characters, symbols and patterns on the plane, arc and flying objects of hard, soft and brittle products. Laser marking is compatible with various advantages of laser cutting and engraving. It can be precisely processed on metal and organic polymer sheets and can process complex patterns with small size. Print marking has no wear and tear, anti-counterfeiting performance. It can specially produce cloth marking, leather marking, metal marking, various emblems and LOGO with complex and fine print patterns. It is the choice of brand clothing and apparel processing.
For a long time, the trimming of trademark, the trimming of embroidery pattern and the piercing and splicing of embroidery pattern all have a problem of alignment. The existing automatic vision tracking cutting system has made a big step forward on the basis of traditional manual alignment cutting, which can automatically locate the cutting points by local alignment. However, the random deformation of textile products can not be automatically corrected, so a large number of waste products will be produced. Now some enterprises in the industry have successfully developed an automatic edge-finding cutting system, which can automatically generate cutting paths according to the edges of the woven trademark graphics, and accurately use laser edge cutting. It can also locate automatically, cut and punch patterns in embroidery graphics, thus fundamentally solving the problem of alignment.
Laser Cutting Machine for  Fabric
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