How do LED lamps choose laser marking machines for logo marking?

Author: zixu marking   Time: 2018/10/26

How do LED lamps choose laser marking machines for logo marking?
With the development of LED lighting industry, LED lights play an important role in the production line. In recent years, LED lights have become the main lighting tools in shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, conference rooms, hospitals, windows and other places. Marking equipment through packaging to show the unique personality of products is the key to win consumers, in order to prevent. Counterfeiting in the same industry and effective management of regional sales, and consumers can effectively use, manufacturers will use some markers to identify their products.
LED Lamp laser marking machine
There are generally two marking methods, the first is the traditional ink inkjet marking method, the traditional ink inkjet marking equipment consumes a large number of special inks, consumes large amounts of materials, costs too high; inkjet printer often appears blocked nozzle situation, needs professional maintenance personnel, and the product style is single, marking effect is easy to erase. Change will affect the credibility of the product.
LED Lamp laser marking machine
The second is laser marking, and most manufacturers choose to mark their own products. Compared with traditional ink-jet codes, laser marking machine marks a permanent information that can not be erased. It is formed by the instantaneous vaporization of laser directly on the surface of the object. It can be distinguished by naked eyes without any auxiliary tools and is easy for consumers to identify. And no consumables, maintenance is more convenient. It can be used for marking metals and many kinds of non-metals. It is suitable for some materials which require finer, higher precision and deeper punching. So most manufacturers choose laser marking to identify their products.
LED Lamp laser marking machine
ZIXU laser research and development of LED lamps and lanterns laser marking machine, beam quality is good, focusing spot is very small, can achieve ultra-fine marking. And most of the materials can absorb ultraviolet laser, so the application scope is more extensive. Laser 40,000 hours maintenance-free, consumables-free, low-cost, energy-saving, for many LED manufacturers have brought the gospel.
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