Is the laser marking machine on the Internet reliable?

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/27

Laser marking machine industrial manufacturing company is more and more popular with marking machine. For many companies, laser marking equipment can be a huge expense, so many manufacturers choose cheaper ones, but the price of the Internet is floating, for example, 1500 USD marking machine is not reliable, and it is the same picture when it is bought back.
Laser sample map when we choose the marking machine, we often return to the price and configuration. The price of online marking machine can be said to be a person, and some of them provide more than 1500 USD. There are more than 2000 USD offers, or even higher. Many laser marking machines worth 10000 yuan are presented to consumers at a low price, which may be bare metal.
Bare metal can only be laser marked to meet general requirements. If you have high marking requirements, special marking materials, long working hours, large pictures and words, the manufacturer will also put forward other requirements, whether or not to add. As a result, more than 10000 marking machines on the Internet are unreliable. This price can only be used as a reference and cannot be fully believed.
 laser marking machine
If the market price is more than 2500usd, and your local city provides more than 1500USD, you should be careful this time because you may be informed of some other expenses when you arrive at the store. These costs add up to a higher total price. Many friends still can't accept the marking machine at this price, but as the cost gradually drops, it will still have a reasonable price.
Therefore, according to your needs, more than 1500 USD laser marking machine is not reliable.
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