Is laser welding machining a inductive skill?

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/03/11

Laser welding machining skill is a kind of inductive skill, which integrates laser skill, welding skill, automation skill, material skill, mechanical manufacturing skill and product design. It is finally embodied in a set of special equipment and a matching process.
laser welding machine
The processing precision is high, the production speed is fast, the appearance is beautiful, the appearance is beautiful. Therefore, it is more widely used in fine welding industry, such as glasses, hardware electronics, jewelry, bathroom kitchenware.
The processing flow is to radiate the laser beam to the outer surface of the workpiece. After the laser beam is collected by the optical system, the power density of the laser focus is 104-107w / cm2. The interaction with the object to be welded allows the welding part to form a highly concentrated heat source area in a very short time. The heat can be cooled through the welding area and then cooled to form solid solder joints and welds.
laser welding machine
According to the laser used and its working method, there are two common welding methods. One is pulse laser welding machine, which is mainly used for single point fixation and welding of book materials. The other is continuous, which is mainly used for the welding and cutting of large thick parts, and continuous welding is formed in the welding process.
In the welding process, the focus position of laser welding machine beam is one of the most critical control parameters. Under a certain laser power and welding speed, the maximum value can be achieved only when the focus is in the best position range. Penetration depth and weld shape.
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