Instructions for use of high power laser marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/26

As the name implies, it is a kind of advanced equipment, using marking machine to carve materials. Laser marking machine is different from mechanical carving machine and other traditional manual carving methods. Marking machines use mechanical means, such as diamond and other extremely hard materials, to carve other things. The marking machine uses the heat energy of laser to carve materials.
The laser in the marking machine is the core. Generally, the marking machine has a wider range of uses, and the carving accuracy is higher, and the carving speed is faster. Compared with the traditional manual carving method, the marking machine can also make the carving effect very delicate, no less than the level of manual carving technology. Due to the advantages of the marking machine, the application of the marking machine has gradually replaced the traditional carving equipment and methods. Become the main carving equipment.
laser marking machine
Instructions for use of high power carbon dioxide marking machine
1. China's first 3-axis control system, accurate 3-axis marking, subverting the traditional 2D marking mode, realizing bevel, step, and various 3D marking modes, such as cylinder, cone, sphere and any surface. 2. The unique self sensing focusing system can automatically identify the surface position of the workpiece, and quickly focus to improve the processing efficiency. 3. The equipment shell adopts mold technology, which is more solid and has better sealing performance. 4. The unique shutter closing technology conforms to the European and American safety standards.
5. Imported laser, high stability and advanced galvanometer scanning technology are adopted to ensure high speed, high precision and long life, and the system can meet the requirements of continuous and efficient production. 6. Imported scan head, high-speed, specially designed for industrial production environment, to meet the needs of multi shift work, with built-in self diagnosis function, to minimize maintenance time. 7. Imported optical elements are adopted, with high precision, smaller spot size and more uniform optical quality, which can carve figures, bar codes, serial numbers, random numbers, figures, trademarks, photos and other figures.
Operation manual of high power carbon dioxide marking machine
laser marking machine
Laser cutting machine (optical laser) was imported from abroad at the end of the 20th century. The original laser engraving machine is limited to models: YAG laser cutting plotter and CO2 laser marking machine. When the market entered the country for the first time, the market was not open, and in about 98 years, there were hundreds of laser engraving machines in China. Since then, the laser lettering machine has gradually been accepted by people.
At that time, many domestic laser marking machines were still imported. At that time, YAG laser engraving machine occupied most of the market, because no other laser was invented at that time, and then semiconductor laser was invented, followed by semiconductor laser engraving machine. The invention of laser optical fiber was invented in technological innovation. The fiber laser which can be used in laser cutting plotter is also invented, and the fiber laser cutting plotter is introduced. Due to the market demand, the water-cooled CO2 laser lettering machine cannot meet the market demand because of its huge volume. RF water-cooled CO2 RF laser was born. RF CO2 laser cutting plotter is also produced. With the change of market and technological innovation, semiconductor laser lettering machine has the largest market share. Because its price is moderately widely used
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