Improvement of plastic products optical fiber laser welding machine is more and more prominent

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/02/22

As for the improvement of plastic products, the role of optical fiber laser welding machine is more and more prominent. Rich professional solutions provide you with comprehensive solutions. The symbol processing method of optical fiber laser welding machine is very sensitive. Computer software is selected for operation. Images, words, etc. can be customized. In addition, laser marking can be integrated offline (or independently) into the assembly line, which is more concise and useful for subsequent cooperation processes, and then reach the role of reducing cost and advancing quality. In view of the advantages of laser symbols, more and more manufacturers tend to use laser marking machines in the processing of plastic symbols. Nowadays, plastics are widely used in industry, agriculture, communication industry, packaging, home and other fields. Plastic products can be seen everywhere in society and daily life. With the continuous improvement of plastic products, the symbol method of materials is also updated, from the traditional ink coding to the advanced plastic laser marking machine. The importance of plastics in our daily life, the wide use of plastics, affect our daily life, so manufacturers in order to advance their own products brand influence.
fiber laser welding machine
fiber laser welding machine
Among them, fiber laser welding machine plays a more and more prominent role in the field of carving. The beam quality is good, the focus spot is smaller, there is no machining force between the workpiece, there is no touch, no cutting force, the heat affected area is very small, there is no thermal effect, there is no material burning problem. At the same time, the material has a wide range of habits, which can produce very precise symbols on the surface of a variety of materials and has a very good durability. The combination of laser processing system and computer numerical control technology can form a high-efficiency automatic processing equipment, which can print all kinds of words, symbols and images. It is easy to use software to design and engrave patterns, change the contents of symbols, and get used to the requirements of modern production of high efficiency and fast rhythm. Laser engraving is precise, lines can reach millimeter and micrometer level. It is very difficult to select laser marking technology to make symbols and changes, which is very important for product anti-counterfeiting. The laser has good space control and time control. It has a large degree of freedom for the material, shape, scale and processing environment of the processing policy.
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