Improved customized pneumatic marking machine for flange marking

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/05/02

Improved customized pneumatic marking machine for flange marking
Different flanges are suitable for different custom pneumatic marking machines, which need special production. Our customized marking machine can be used to improve your structure. Make your product more comfortable.
The external side of the head can be adjusted up and down freely, which is suitable for large scale parts which are not easy to move. The utility model has the advantages of marked specification, flexible use, long service life, high efficiency, no need of typesetting, etc.. In addition, the machine without pollution, no supplies, no wearing parts, low cost. The utility model is a better new machine.
The utility model can be used for circular workpieces, and can rotate 90 degrees vertically to print flat workpieces, and one machine can be used for two purposes. This machine uses the computer to control the printing process, it can print directly and accurately. Operation and maintenance is simple and convenient, safe and reliable operation of equipment. Strong database support.
Pneumatic marking machine has the advantage of deep or shallow marks, whether it is the graphics, text, product serial number, trademarks, marking a mark of permanent, generally less than 1600, marking the workpiece around (10 5mm high, you can choose the character calculation) pneumatic marking machine if, in large quantity, intended for use in laser marking machine or electric corrosion marking machines, and various large heavy workpieces marking, often need to work off-site marking, pneumatic marking machine is preferred, and the price is moderate, can be equipped with a notebook computer, easy to carry.
In addition, the pneumatic marking can also be easily integrated in the industrial production line, we hit the head is designed to be small, sturdy, easy to install.  From plastic to the hardest 65HRC (max. steel), they can be used in all materials on a very high speed needle marking. The controller can automatically increment the serial number, date, working group and marking icon, OCV font or two-dimensional code Data Matrix. In recent years, the traditional connection of the computer pneumatic marking machine is rapidly being replaced by a single chip pneumatic marking machine, the need for a computer pneumatic marking machine is more suitable for harsh industrial environment requirements.
Flange has a variety of models and materials, we can only customize the machine in accordance with this, marking the adaptability of the product is marked the basic requirements of the correct.
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