Importance of Ultraviolet Laser Marking machine in Industrial Manufacturing

Author: zixu   Time: 2019/08/10

Importance of Ultraviolet Laser Marking machine in Industrial Manufacturing
In industrial manufacturing, all kinds of products can not be separated from packaging labels and information labels. The most familiar is some signs, trademarks, company names, icons, logos and other information, of course, there are some labels, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, dates, numbers, characters, numbers, English and other information we see in our daily life.
The existence of this kind of information needs the help of equipment to be able to design according to the user's thinking, involving a wide range of industries, but precisely because of this, the industry and industry can have an inseparable link, and promote the continuous development of society.
UV laser marking machine for cable
Ultraviolet laser marking machine, as one of the types of laser marking equipment, is also an indispensable marking equipment in the marking industry. It can help users to carry out simple or complex information marking and recognition. It is an indispensable part of the marking industry.
UV laser marking machine
The working principle of ultraviolet laser coder is realized by photochemistry ablation, that is to say, it relies on the high energy of laser to produce objects or chemical reactions on the surface of objects, and then forms a mode of marking.
The wavelength of ultraviolet radiation is only 355 nm. Minimal focus and thermal impact (negligible), so that it has ultra-fine, as well as special material marking effect, for those who need ultra-fine processing of high-end industries is an inevitable choice.
UV laser marking machine
Ultraviolet laser marking is incomparable with other laser machines in terms of special materials, fine marking, fine engraving and fine processing. For any industry's identity information solution, it can accomplish the task delicately, and plays a particularly important role in the identification industry.
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