How to use laser marking machine to engraving QR code

Author: zixu   Time: 2018/11/15

How to use laser marking machine to engraving QR code
In the market, more and more products use QR codes, which seems to be a fashion. It has the characteristics of large storage, high confidentiality, high traceability, strong resistance to damage, large backup, low cost and so on. These characteristics are especially suitable for forms, tracking, certificates, inventory, data backup and so on.
We will lead you to understand the application of laser marking QR code traceability system. A product needs to establish a complete data traceability system. To achieve two goals, one is internal quality control traceability, the other is external product traceability.
aluminum qr code laser marking machine
I. external product tracing
External product traceability is mainly to facilitate users to query the authenticity of goods by scanning QR code, to understand the origin of products, production dates and other more detailed information. At present, laser marking QR code traceability system is widely used in food, medical, industrial electronics and other industries.
ZIXU Laser QR Code laser marking machine Traceability System is dedicated to the traceability of the industrial chain, in order to achieve the goal of "one thing, one code" for the whole process of product control. Laser marking machine has the advantages of low cost, easy generation of QR codes, flexible information communication, high information readability and eternity of laser coding.
plastic qr code laser marking machine
QR laser marking machine on charger
2, internal quality traceability
Internal quality traceability can trace production batches, suppliers, processing processes, poor rate and other information. Only laser marking machine is used to mark the products out of the warehouse, which can be queried through the database system. Once any batch of products have problems and which supplier is not standardized, you can get the detailed information at a glance.
stainless steel qr code laser marking machine
After the finished product is processed, the product is marked by laser twice, marking the unique batch, tamper-proof and eternal QR code, and then it is imported into the database system through visual recognition system, which is combined with the external traceability system.
qr code laser marking machine
ZIXU laser "upgrade matching non-standard system" on-line marking equipment can meet the marking application of various materials in different speed production lines. ZIXU laser has a wealth of technology and experience to be applied to QR code laser marking machine in different material laser coding, different information content of QR code and the readability of QR code.
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