How to select a laser marking machine will not be cheated?

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

When we buy products we pay more attention to the price, more often we buy the low-priced products but found to be cheated,
regret only to see prices and paid no attention to quality, no matter what you buy, we should from the aspects of products to
analyze exactly how should we buy, only the rational thinking to enable us to get satisfied with the product, ZIXU marking machine to teach you how to choose and buy.
The most important of the laser marking machine is the quality of the laser. Because it is the core of the marking machine parts,
it determines the quality of the laser marking machine and marking the life of the machine. The laser of the international
famous brand is better, mainly lies in the good beam quality, high electro-optic conversion rate, and the life span. Some can even
use up to ten years. Now China's laser doing is getting better and better, is almost the same as international level, to meet the needs of
many kinds industry, the main is cheap,and quality is very high.
Laser lens determines the laser conversion efficiency, the same power of the laser, if the lens with good quality, then the efficiency
and quality of marking will be very good. Life will be extended.
Vibrating lens decided to marking speed and accuracy, vibration lens consumes electrical energy. generate heat, then if the machine
is used for a long time, temperature will become higher and higher. marking precision will be affected if vibrating lens with poor quality
will easily broken. This is the most prone to failure of the laser marking machine where it will affect the efficiency of the production.
Laser marking software is the machine control center, all instructions are sent from here, if you buy pirated software, then the various
parts of the machine can not fully cooperate, lead to marking is not synchronous, light and speed are affected, resulting in marking effect is not good.
Certainly must choose a good computer for the machine, if 24 hours of work, a computer needs more high profile, if computer crashes,
it will seriously affect the production, especially in use after a period of time must be the computer can be used normally.
We from various aspects to analyze a product, so that we can prevent us to buy inferior products, not just compare prices,
that will only lead to our final products can not meet the demand, in China a sentence: a penny a cargo. After sales service,
quality assurance, these are very important, we need someone to provide us with services, to help us solve the problem of production,
to ensure the quality of the premise of the purchase of products.
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