How to prevent and detect the signal interference of laser marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/03/24

Laser marking machine is the most widely used laser equipment in the development of laser technology at that time. Because of its wide application, how to distinguish whether the marking machine will be interfered by the signal in the application process?
Performance of execution: on the line set by the computer, it will be waved.
Judgment: it can be judged that there is no problem with galvanometer system, no new computer D / a conversion card is used, and galvanometer and optical platform are completely insulated.
The data line from the D / a card to the galvanometer is OK, but the setting lines are all wave lines.
laser marking machine
Analysis: This is a wave situation encountered before, but the most common time amplitude mirror signal trouble is the main factor of the laser power supply and acoustooptic driver. The external grid did not check the source of the galvanometer's annoyance firmly.
You can try to see if the line that the indicator light can present is a waveform when the marker power drive is not turned on.
In the case of judging that the above process is not annoying, the first thing to see is whether the pneumatic laser power supply has any appearance. Then the annoying output power of the laser power supply increases gradually, and the tracking line is queried. At the end of the development of the acoustooptic driver, you can use the waveform of the step to determine where the trouble comes from. After you find the source of your troubles, you have to deal with them. The purpose is to bring higher production efficiency and higher value to the enterprise. How to improve the marking speed of laser marking machine? Let me introduce you.
1. The main factors affecting the marking machine are internal factors and workpiece processing.
The internal factors are mainly laser frequency, laser spot mode and beam divergence angle, laser power, reasonable optical forming and processing of auxiliary gas materials. The internal factor is mainly to pay attention to the selection of the previous model, which should be purchased according to the opinions of the laser engineer. Another factor that customers need to pay attention to is the mark density, mark format, mark depth and laser spot size.
In the case of the same format, the higher the mark density is, the slower the corresponding mark speed is, because the density directly increases the mark area.
Because the deflection area of large format galvanometer increases, the marking speed of large format galvanometer is slower than that of small format galvanometer.
According to the requirements, if the marking depth is deepened, the parameters need to be adjusted to increase the power and current of the marking machine. As with other factors, the speed of marking in these processes will be affected.
Laser marking machine point size
The smaller the spot size is, the smaller the marker volume is. Therefore, the larger the spot, the faster the marker.
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