How to eliminate beer belly

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2016/09/01

Beer is very good drink, all over the world are well known, but you will if you like to drink beer, we drink,

but some beer is alcohol posing, not from their manufacturers to beer belly.

Beer is the world's third drink after water and tea. With the development of laser technology and the continuous

improvement of the level of automation, the application of laser marking technology in the beer industry is gradually wide,

mainly used for beer bottle body, bottle cap or label marking.

Laser marking machine by high energy laser beam is focused on the surface of the glass bottles of beer, the surface materials

in a very short period of time is physical vaporization, thus in surface marker out exquisite patterns and words, and laser

marking with permanent, which good plays a anti-counterfeiting goods fleeing preventing effect.

The advantages of laser on-line marking machine mainly include the following aspects:

The permanent marker, anti-counterfeiting effect, laser printing technology can effectively prevent the identification of counterfeit products;

The added value can make the product look higher grades;

Reliable] equipment, laser marking has a mature industrial design, stable and reliable performance, 24 hours of continuous work,

laser free maintenance time of up to more than 20000 hours. Wide temperature range (5 degrees - 45 degrees C), widely used in various sectors of the production of packaging;

The laser marking machine does not produce any chemical substance harmful to human body and environment, environmental safety and high-tech products;

] laser marking can be within the minimum range of jet printing large amounts of data, the laser can by very fine beam marking

on the product material itself, high printing precision, accurate control, clear and perfect interpretation of the jet printing,

with strong market competitiveness, and safety and environmental protection, no any corrosion, completely isolated from the chemical pollution,

for operating personnel is also a close protection, to ensure the production site clean and tidy, reduces the investment of late, and reduce the noise pollution.

With laser technology constantly upgraded and improved, laser equipment service life and performance has been greatly improved,

laser marking machine marking a clear, scope of application, and low maintenance costs, I believe that in the near future, the application of laser technology will be more widely.

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Zixu Machinery content manager system | Zixu CMS

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