How to deal with the situation of laser weakening in laser welding machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2020/03/23

Laser welding machine is an advanced non-contact welding technology, which is widely used in many industries. It brings inestimable benefits to many manufacturers and provides more convenient processing methods. But as long as it is a machine, it will be more or more. Or there are some common faults or problems, one of which is that the flame is weakened during welding.
1. Laser offset of main optical path
Remedial measures: adjust the total reversal and half reflection film of the main optical path, check and adjust the spot with paper;
2. The focus lens is damaged or polluted
Remedial measures: replace or clean the focus lens and protection lens of laser welding machine;
3. The laser cavity diaphragm is damaged or polluted
Methods: replace or clean the cavity reflection diaphragm;
4. The baffle is not fully open
Processing method: check the lubrication brake joint of laser welding machine and lamp, so as to make the joint mechanical stable;
5. The shielding gas is too large.
Treatment: adjust the gas flow of the protective gas of the laser welding machine.
6. The longest service life of xenon lamp is
Remedial measures: check and clean the old bulb or replace the new xenon lamp;
7. The laser has no central output from the copper gas port of the focus head
Remedial measures: adjust the 45 degree reflecting diaphragm to make the laser output start from the center of the nozzle;
8. Cooling water pollution or long-term cooling water replacement: replace cooling water and clean filter glass tube and xenon lamp; parameters mainly include many aspects, energy light and time are also two parameters, what is the difference between time splitting and energy splitting?
laser welding machine
Energy splitting: the laser energy output is divided into two or more welding heads. Multiple optical paths must output laser at the same time, and the output power of each optical path is evenly distributed.
For example, a 300W laser is divided into two optical paths by energy, each of which has an output power of 150W and must emit light at the same time.
Time division: the laser energy output is given to two or more welding heads in time. Multi optical path can't output laser at the same time, it needs to switch according to time.
For example, the 300W laser device divides the light into two optical paths, each of which has an output power of 300W and cannot transmit at the same time.
Generally speaking, the difference between the two applications is that energy splitting usually divides the total laser output energy. For example, the total output of laser welding machine energy is 4J, and the average value is divided into four optical paths, and then each optical path is obtained. The energy is about 1J; time division is usually output to each optical path in time sequence. For example, the total output of laser energy is 4J, and each optical path can obtain 4J.
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