How to choose laser marking machine

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/11/16

How to choose laser marking machine
Is my product better with a fiber laser marking machine or with a CO2 laser marking machine? More specifically, what are the characteristics of these two laser marking machines, and what can I do with laser marking?
Fiber laser marking machines can mark all metals and parts of nonmetal, but there are many non-metallic items that can not be marked, including ceramics, wood, leather, cotton and linen, etc. If the part material to be machined is just a non-metallic one, Machine can only fall, not non-CO2 laser marking machine.

CO2 laser marking machine

fiber laser marking machine

We from a scientific point of view to explain that the two laser marking machine wavelength is not the same, the fiber laser laser (referred to as the fiber laser) wavelength of 1.06μm, CO2 laser laser wavelength of 10.6μm, the metal and Non-metallic molecular structure is not the same as each other, resulting in different light to attract, so different products correspond to different lasers.
If you are not sure, can send samples to us, we will give you a free sample test, to recommend the most suitable laser marking machine, and product price advice. We will be quality product quality system to serve customers, Xiangbang people warmly welcome your cooperation.
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