How to choose / identify / buy high quality laser marking machine

Author: ZIXU   Time: 2017/01/20

How to choose / identify / buy high quality laser marking machine
Both the fiber laser marking machine or semiconductor marking machine or CO2 laser marking machine, basically every procurement of equipment can be used normally, configuration is also not one less, but the price is uneven, which is above the brand laser configuration. Because of differences in the most important laser laser equipment in the equipment price is different, the laser glass fiber as a gain medium using rare elements, and the formation of a particle of high power density conversion work medium in the special application of radio and television, in the final by other working media to form the so-called laser light source. The use of such a wide range of light source, in the metal and non-metallic marking / welding / cutting and other aspects of the application, as well as industrial manufacturers have a great advantage. Zixu machine will provide every detail on the machine, so that you understand what constitutes a laser machine, so that you can get a good machine, we provide wholesale prices as a manufacturer to the customer.Zixu Machinery content manager system | Zixu CMS
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