How to buy laser marking machine in China, high cost performance

Author: zixu   Time: 2017/05/16

How to buy laser marking machine in China, high cost performance. Buy laser marking machine should pay attention to the price range, the best products may not be appropriate, low-cost marking machine is absolutely not to buy.
Before the selection of laser marking machine must be a system for their own products, materials, material type, type of evaluation to choose the most suitable laser machine of our products, through the optical fiber, carbon dioxide, semiconductor laser light of different models to buy cost-effective, practical, life security identification equipment. One price range need more customers to buy before, from the point of view of understanding of buyers is of course the cheaper the better, but according to the domestic and foreign markets in different levels of technology and production process, the different, the price difference is large, such as the excellent price of imported equipment of laser marking machine reached above one hundred thousand, carbon dioxide CO2 laser machine prices are more than seventy thousand yuan. The domestic machine obviously cheaper, only about 50 thousand.
There is a saying "good price one", the same is true for the laser marking machine, laser machine imported high price whether various component accessories such as laser, mirror, host control system occupies a unique advantage in stability, service life is not beyond the domestic models these are different, will lead to a certain price difference, of course, in the choice and we have to choose the most expensive, the right word is more important. For example, the ordinary production speed of the beverage factory using 10 watts of carbon dioxide CO2 laser machine is enough to achieve the desired effect and clear marking purposes.
Chongqing ZIXu machinery factory has 12 years of history, specializing in the production of marking machine.

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